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Juni 11, 2019 , Blog
Coaching: Key Partnership to Start, Grow and Accelerate Your Business

If you are Leading a Business, you should continuously ask yourself these questions:

1.   What do You want?

       -> This will help you get clarity on your vision and goals.

2.   Where are You now (in achieving the vision/goals)?

      -> This will give you a self understanding on your current position/situation, related to your vision and goals.

3.   What do You need to do to achieve your Vision and Goals?

      -> This will help you look at the key activities need to be done do get to your vision and goals.

4.   What are the next Steps for You, this week, this month, this quarter, this year?

       -> This will help you to focus, spend the effort in the right time and right place to achieve your vision and goals.

5.   What are the potential risk that could block / delay Your Action to achieve your vision and goals?

      -> This will help you identify those factors that could impact you to achieve your goals, and the action you need to take to mitigate that risk.

6.   What are the Supports You need to achieve these steps?

      -> This will help you identify the external factors/supports you need to secure in order to ensure the steps are running well.

7.   And lastly: How are You going to measure and hold yourself accountable for these actions/inactions? -> This will help you to measure along the way, on the results of the activities you have planned above.

These questions are valid, whether you are in the "Starting Phase", "Running Phase" or even "Growing Phase" of your business, and this is where having great COACH can help.

The difference between COACH and MENTOR

A lot of people thinks that these 2 roles are similar. It is actually quite different.

Mentor sometime help with strategic issues, answering tactical/strategic questions for business owners without actively participating in the business operations. 

A Coach is a partner to the business leader (YOU), asking great questions and usually paid and have fix schedule beside you to achieve your goals. The Coach focus on You.

Artikel Karya : Yos Vincenzo

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