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The right Coaching can optimize individual and/or team performance , expand professional career opportunitie, improve business management strategies, increase self-esteem/self-confidence and manage work/life balance Our coaching services will assist you to reach your personal goal as an individual and / or organization. Our coaching program will be customised to your goals and with specific time and framework.

We provide one on one coaching through face to face or telephone and group coaching to suit your needs.

Our coaching services :
  1. Corporate Coaching Program
  2. Executive Coaching Program
  3. Sales Coaching Program
1. Corporate Coaching Program

Corporate coaching for teams and individuals in organisations. From junior and middle level employee who want to be developed to the next level of performance or for senior level of employee to upgrade and enhance their performance as an individual and team.
Corporate coaching involves coaching towards organisational goals. The program will be customised based on corporate goals and commitment.
A corporate coach coaches an organisation, focusing on the corporate team and corporate vision, mission, values and strategy to achieve optimum performance. Results are measured against the performance requirements of the organisation.

Benefit you get through corporate coaching program :
  • Higher levels of employee productivity
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Improved financial performance

Leaders who participated in coaching experienced

  • increased confidence in exercising leadership
  • improved ability to connect with the organization’s vision
  • increased confidence in leading the organization toward fulfilling the vision.

Managers and supervisors who participated in coaching experienced

  • increased task completion and productivity
  • improved personnel management skills
  • better relationships with staff and board of directors.
Our Corporate Coaching Program :
  • Leader as Coach :
  • Leader as Coach is a practical program that teaches managers or leaders to be better coaches for their team. The learning format combines a blended approach (both online and offline phases) to ensure learning process application and benefit gained during the program.

  • Corporate Coaching Culture :
  • Implementing a corporate coaching culture can transform an organisation and have a major impact on performance.
    We help you to design and deliver in-house coach training programmes from top management, senior management to junior management level, to enable you to create a coaching culture in your organisation. The positive impact should be quickly notice throughout the company, as our training is designed to be easily and effectively implemented, right from the start.

  • Group Coaching
  • Group coaching links team member together to make their work more effective. group coaching brings the coaching conversation into a small group context. It is an intimate conversation space, focused on goal setting, deepening awareness around key issues, taking action, and accountability.
    Organizations may find benefit due to the scalable nature of the process, team allignment, opening up communication between silos or group members in different parts of the organization. Over time these relationships create a valuable network across an organization.

2. Executive Coaching Program

Our Executive & Director Coaching Solutions provide coaching on a one-on-one basis, providing an invaluable source of support and development for your managers and business leaders.
Our executive coaching will assist you to make those tough decisions and to help you to overcome your challenges. We will help you to improve your leadership and people skills, managing team performance, improve your communications as a leader, enhance the leadership within your company, help you to drive through change, manage your time more effectively and to take your leadership development to the next level. As an indidual you will define your own strengths and weaknesses, we will help you to play to your strengths and to work on your weaknesses.

Benefit you get through executive coaching :
  • Awareness of your personal potential to get optimum performance and get absolute Confidence in applying your role as a leader.
  • Improve your interpersonal, confidence and advanced communication skills
  • Improve your people management skills
  • Be an outstanding and inspirational leader
  • Be able to motivate and build productive teams
  • Identify clear sales plan for whatever your goals may be.
  • Have someone to discuss your questions and concerns about how to handle situations that you can’t discuss with others in your organisation and get different perspective
  • Improve your development as a person, as a leader and take your organization on to the next level
  • Be able to see you business profile and goals from a different perspective
  • Improve your business in every area
  • You will be ready to apply immediate actions as an inspirational leader
3. Sales Coaching

Our coaching model provides a highly effective approach to maximizing performance by applying sales process, induce sales behaviour and focus on sustainable sales performance.

Benefit you get through sales coaching :
  • Awareness of your personal and team potential to get optimum performance and get absolute Sales Confidence
  • Action to get more clients , more ideal clients and more qualified clients.
  • Whether you are an individual or you are leading a sales team, you will quickly see positive sales results.
  • Effective Sales Process
  • A repeatable, efficient, and effective sales process that works.
  • Identify clear sales plan for whatever your goals may be.
  • You will have the necessary sales methods, techniques, and support.
  • You will be ready to apply immediate actions for you and your team.
Sales Coaching Program :
  • One on One Sales Coaching: This service is for business owners, entrepreneurs, solo entrepreneurs, sales directors, sales managers, and individual sales performers.
  • Sales Team Coaching or Corporate Sales Coaching: This service is one on one sales coaching for individual performers within a sales team or a sales force in company.
  • Group Coaching Program for corporate: This service is for a group of sales professionals to be coached at the same time to reach corporate sales goals.
  • Customized Coaching Programs: Various other programs can be custom designed to meet your exact needs and goals.
Technical Sales Skills Gained From Sales Coaching
  • Sales planning and implementation strategy
  • Action to get more clients , more ideal clients and more qualified clients.
  • Sales Process Development
  • Prospecting, Cold Calling, Follow Up Methods
  • Qualification & Discovery
  • Presentation skills and powerful questioning skills
  • Powerful communication that influence the prospect
  • Gaining Commitments From Your Prospects
  • Opening New Partnerships (“Closing”)
  • Objection Handling & Negotiation Strategy
  • Referral Systems To Create A Steady Stream Of Referral Clients
Sales Soft Skills Gained From Sales Coaching :
  • Enhance your salesmanship personalityy
  • Networking & Rapport Building Skills
  • Effective Listening & Questioning
  • Leadership Development
  • Motivating Sales Teams and Sales Forces
  • Discipline & Focus
  • Confidence & Positive Attitude
  • Time Management & Self Management
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